Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's start blogging

Up till now i had resisted the idea of starting a blog.
The main reason i had as my excuse, was time or to better put it, the lack of it. Trying to run a small business and a family with a new born is enough to make you wish for more hours in a day.
But the real reason was that i though of blogging as just "hype" that will run its course and sooner or later disappear.

Then i attended the OpenCoffee XV meeting in Athens and heard Jason Calacanis presentation.
At one point he mentioned something like "the more you give to the community the more you will get back" and that really got me thinking.
My company, Digital-OPSiS, is developing embedded Open Source solutions for sometime now, so you can say that we own our existence to the mentality of giving to the community.
If the people who started the Open Source movement haven't done so, probably many of the wonderful things that we now take for granted in the IT/Internet would not exist.
I call it the "avalanche effect" and seen it many times with open source projects.
Someone writes a few lines of code, posts the code online,and boom, developers from all over the world start contributing and before you know it you have a killer app in your hands (Asterisk anyone :)

So the same could be true about ideas or thoughts
If Jason had not said that phrase, probably i wouldn't have started this blog,so just think how many people could start something new,solve a problem or just feel better by things you and i take for granted or just don't mention.
That alone i think is a pretty good reason to start blogging

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