Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Voltcraft energy Logger 3500 has arrived

The Voltcraft energy Logger 3500 has arrived today and already had the first surprise.
As a test, I connected an extension cord which had my mobile's charger, and a BT handset charger to see how its working.
I unplugged the devices one after the other to see how much the current consumed was dropping and even when i had both of them disconnected Volcraft was registering a 1W power consumption.
I though it was weird,considering that the extension cord is passive, but then i noticed that my extension cord has a switch with a light, to show when its on or off.
Switching off the cord power consumption went to 0...
Wow 1W from the lamp of the extension cord !
Although this is close to the error range of the Voltcraft,that made me wonder how many other devices are"hidden" consumers of electricity around the house or the office.

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