Friday, April 3, 2009

Cudos to Intersys for their support

Yesterday i received the replacement for my 42" Toshiba LCD TV from Intersys, the local Toshiba distributor.
Although i am kind of disappointed with Toshiba's quality, as this is the second TV from Toshiba with panel problems in 2 years, i am really pleased by the support i received from their local agent.

In both cases not only they exchange the TV but i received a newer model. (This time i got a Toshiba REGZA 42ZV555DG as a replacement for REGZA 42XV505DG i had )
Intersys acknowledging my frustration even offered to replace it with a different brand they distribute and a much larger TV (a 50" Panasonic plasma) but for a number of reasons i decided not to do so.
They have send the new TV to my home and picked up the old one, without having to pay anything, or go through hoops.

In difficult economic times like this, keeping the service and support level to your customers is really difficult, but at the same time its a very good way to keep customer loyalty.
Bad times are not going to last for ever and on when things turn better, i believe all this effort will payback.

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